WordPress Certification by Template Monster

Behind the open source platform WordPress there is a community dedicated to its development and maintenance. A WP website professionally implemented website has features that makes it an option to think seriously about when it comes to doing business online.


For example your website will always be up-to-date with latest security fixtures, you will love the way you can change the look and feel of the whole website with just a few clicks. you could even start with a simple blog in the morning and in the afternoon got a fully featured ecommerce website, all within the same day.
The possibilities are huge and best of all it is self-managed, modularly scalable and user friendly, even for those with little knowledge of the technical aspects.

You could build a website rich in high-end features, with minimal investment in time and money.


For the Solopreneur is very important to maintain autonomy in the management of digital resources, with very little training and some practice a website developed in the WordPress platform can become a successful tool for exposing your content in all kind of formats: video, podcast and text and also be a place of conversion and monetization for your personal brand / product.

All of them from such a powerful and versatile platform that at least 25 business models demonstrably effective can be operated comfortably from it.

WordPress is the most popular CMS for ease of use. To achieve this there are great work for developers that is not so simple.

TemplateMonster.Com is one of the largest distributors of all kinds of templates and themes for websites.
This document certifies my web studio as able to achieve excellent results in adapting and customizing WP themes and templates.

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