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What is WordPress?

How does it work

The content management system (CMS) WordPress is by far the most used publishing platform, there are more than a billion web pages on the internet today, at least 30% of them use WordPress, their success is primarily to their Open Source attribute which means that its source code is maintained by a worldwide community of experts, collaborating to update it, add functionalities and make it more user-friendly

How do we use it

This system is made up in a modular way (plugins) which add functionality to the page and by themes (skins) which add the aspect to the page, both can work independently which makes the system itself extremely flexible and adaptable; For example the same site could have a look and functions for a fashion magazine´s web page and in the same day, after some work adding and removing plugins and themes, the same website could be an uber-like taxi rental service online. The possibilities are almost unlimited!!

Why do we use it

Of course the biggest advantage of all this is that it can be easily used by people who are not experts in the subject of programming and technology. Hence his great power. This huge community of experts works very hard so that at this moment, you the administrator user, can develop your business idea online in a minimum implementation time and with minimal investments. Adapted these to the need of the moment.