The Logotype Challenge

In the corporate identity´s development process for a brand or product, there are several factors to consider that obey directly to the style or visual appearance, but is important to remember that the design goal is to convey a message.

The Logotype Challenge

The most direct and basic message for the brand identity is condensed in its logotype, to communicate this message we focus on important aspects such as symbology, color palette, typography, etc. But in the case of a Startup or small business where the: owner / founder / CTO / one man orchestra, is directly involved in the design process. it will influence the development and the end result.

Satisfy the personal liking of our client could be a difficult task, and this is because it is more than clear that the conceptualization of the logo design for a product should respond to an study in the perception of the target audience of this product or service.

That means we are not designing for our clients but for the customers of our client. Our task as communicators is to achieve an effective design to convey the brand message.

But when the client is too personally involved in this process, often we see ourselves forced to find a balance, between satisfying the liking of our client and perform a work that truly meets the target.

Sometimes make an “effective design” is left completely aside, and the only option is satisfy the “liking” of our client. Learning to recognize these situations in advance will prevent us to engage upon a task that will not have a satisfactory end to either party.

Who are we designing for?

Our primary job is establish a balance between what they want and what they need.

To achieve this, many designers implement strategies such as offering a “logo design package” with a preset number of reviews, this sets a limit to a task that could be endless if our client has no clarity on his goals.

In my case I always consult the client before offering such a subjective service and talk honestly about this, they often can not describe exactly what they want (and it’s ok, that’s the reason why they have hired me) but some of them are pretty sure about the things they do not want, and this ones are for me the ideal customers.

This is the case of Gabriel, founder of during the development of his ecommerce website we did not set limits to the number of initial proposals and revisions, because I was sure we could find the balance necessary for the project.

Gabriel had a general idea about what he was looking for the brand identity and he was very sure and definitive about the “things i don’t want” his ideas although stored in an abstract way in his mind, my work was focused on show his ideas in an attractive and consistent with their product way .

The development of this logo took about 40 hours of work.

During a brief meeting i got to know my client’s expectations and indications, then i’ve created a very basic proposal using fonts and colors consistent with the nature that my client wants to deliver on his brand message, this just to start discuss specific ideas over an actual design.

After listening to his impressions about the first design we made a set of 3 proposals, slightly different about each other but all of them containing the same message and pointing to the same direction.

after the client’s final selection, only few details adjustment in the chosen proposal were left..


and voila. Logotype Final Version Logotype Final Version 
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