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When an entrepreneur wants to consolidate its business model and reach more customers, the migration from the physical store to the virtual environment is a necessary and appropriate step by several factors.
Two of them, perhaps the most important, are the automation of the collection and delivery processes; and the exposure of the products to a wider audience within a really cost-effective method.

Client Requirements

Gabriel approached Enson Thode Freelance Webmaster with two needs

  • A solid and versatile exhibition gallery with an attractive design for his product, capable of carrying out financial reports and inventory and an aid in terms of managing his sales and monitoring his orders
  • The design of a logotype that captures the essence of his brand.

Those were the goals to be met, with the ultimate goal of strengthening the reputation of an entrepreneurship that is already in action, attracting customers through a solid instagram presence.


In the first place and after an interview with the client, we created a logotype that reflects the concepts involved with the brand: agility, originality and visual impact.

Based on the versatile CMS platform WordPress Using the theme Slova from themeforest And latest version (3.9) of the powerful ecommerce plugin WooCommerce, we developed an ecommerce solution and integrated it with the client’s new corporate identity.

Tools and Resources

Software tools used: Adobe Photoshop in image retouching and optimization for their use on the web. Adobe Illustrator for vector images edition. Adobe Premiere For video editing and render. Sublime Text For the HTML5 / CSS3 / php / JavaScript programming languages files edition WordPress As a Web Publishing CMS.



June 2018


Ecommerce Website

  • Website Address


In the omnichannel era, no real retail entrepreneur should be kept away to the “impatient buyer” which comes from the smartphone expecting that your product or service will perfectly match his needs, so we are expecting 86 % of our visitors should come from mobile devices and this website is designed and tested to be frictionless and fully responsive.

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