A website to save time at work.

From now on this language teacher can show her product to new clients, automate the process of recruitment, retain new students and book appointments according to her calendar, in addition to organize financial and administrative tasks..

Project Embracespanish.Com


Embracespanish.Com is an ambitious entrepreneurship in the e-learning field. Maria Gabriela Rodriguez is a professional with high studies, several publications, a lot of experience and a pioneer in the development of teaching systems for Spanish learning by English speakers. Embrace Spanish is designed to stand out in the niche of online learning with a fresh and very original concept not only in its appearance, but most importantly: the goal resolution methodology. Beyond a successful business, it is about creating success experiences for students

Client Requirements

The request: Cms platform for e-learning / multimedia elements for support in learning programs / automated online quiz / Blog / Conversion Focused Landing Page.
Branding elements such as logo design and color palette where commissioned to another freelance designer.


Embrace Spanish


11 January 2017


WordPress, Low Budget


Without planning that way, the project has been developed by stages This development has involved complete customer support from the product design (its business model, marketing strategies and its scope, look & feel of the product, domain name. The client was advised by Gabriel Harting in the aspects of the business model. We started with a simple WordPress CMS installation, with which the client obtained web presence. This system was capable of: make appointments according to availability calendar, showing the product, and be administered by the client itself with little technical knowledge .

In the second stage we focus on the seo of the website and its functionality. Taking advantage of the advances to the WordPress System adopted in the first stage, we add what I call a “low-Budget Hybrid System” Integrating a frontpage coded in HTML5 and fully optimized for SEO. adding interactivity for the website and making it dynamic and visually stunning. The project is now in its third stage in which we will focus on creating content and programming for an e-learning platform, specially designed for this purpose.

Tools and Resources

Software tools used: Adobe Photoshop in image retouching and optimization for their use on the web. Adobe Illustrator for vector images edition. Adobe Premiere For video editing and render. Sublime Text For the HTML5 / CSS3 / php / JavaScript programming languages files edition WordPress As a Web Publishing CMS.

Embrace Spanish

  • Website Address embracespanish.com


The early stages of this project were completed in time within the agreement with the client (MAXIMUM 3 weeks) This project shows how flexible we can be when we produce scalable plans and think about the sustainability of the project over time.

Sometimes a client may not be sure or not to realize from the beginning of the immense possibility of adaptation and the scope that may have his idea of entrepreneurship, until it is embodied as a functional model on the web and serves as a starting point For the improvement of all the ideas, systems, methods and concepts that revolve around their entrepreneurship, hence the importance of planning the launch of the web resource never to be rigid if not adaptable. Preferably in a modular way. The progress of this project can be checked in the direction: https://embracespanish.com

Enson accomplished the concept that my brand needed it, by having long conversation and dedicating the time to research what I need. I definitely love the results! Embrace Spanish - Founder

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